St John’s Hall

22 West End Road,
Mortimer Common


Booking Officer

John Bull

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Mortimer St Johns Village Hall


Hirer: Person or Group who has applied to hire the Hall on the Booking Form

The Hall: The building, all fixtures and fittings, all contents and its car park

Excluded area: The children's play area, except for emergency evacuation

In the event of any doubt of the meaning of the following, the Hirer should consult the Booking Officer before signing the Booking Form.

• The Hirer must be 21 or over.

• The Hirer is responsible for the safety and supervision of all persons on the premises. This includes supervising car parking to avoid obstructing Fire Exits or the entrance and exit of the car park.

• The Hirer shall not sublet or do anything that endangers persons or property.

Organisations should have their own insurance for events.

• A Temporary Events Notice (TENS Licence) will be required for an event that sells or supplies alcohol and plays music. Obtaining the TENS Licence is the responsibility of the Hirer.

• The Hirer shall pay the committee the cost of repair or the loss of contents that occurs during the period of hire.

• If the Hirer wishes to cancel an event they must give three months notice for a full refund.

• The H.irer shall be responsible for leaving the premises clean and tidy, putting rubbish into the large bin outside. Return the chairs and tables to their original places, sweep the floors and turn off any lights that have been

turned on. Most of the lights are automatic now, so note which ones have been switched on. Check the doors to the outside are secure and lock the porch door when leaving.

•  In the event of the Hall becoming unusable through damage or legislation, the Committee will consider returning the hire fee.

• The maximum numbers the hall can accommodate are 70 seated or 120

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